“C” What You’ve Been Missing

February 21, 2018 Charlie Trautwein

Workforce Management and Analytics have been key to Contact Center successes for many years now.  Still, there are many customers who need to look at what they are doing, or may not be doing with these critical tools.  At the risk of stating some obvious Contact Center generalizations most businesses operate Contact Centers to provide enhanced customer service, they have goals to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve efficiency and focus on employee satisfaction.  Contact Centers also strive to achieve compliance requirements, service levels and security standards.  In addition, they seek to gain valuable insight into their customers’ buying patterns, behaviors, contentment and even joy. 

My Contact Center career has provided exposure and experience in a vast array of advanced application technologies designed to solve problems or enhance opportunities to help Contact Centers reach the above stated goals.  For Workforce Management and Analytics, there are a variety of solution providers and multiple software options to consider.  Most of these providers offer a range of solutions beginning with Call Recording, layering on Quality Monitoring, offer some form of Workforce Management and progressively incorporate satisfaction surveys, electronic learning modules, business processes and root cause analysis tools and extend beyond the Contact Center to other areas of the business.  The combined software provides powerful solutions that can all lead to achieving the needs of the advanced Contact Center.

Fortunately, we have partnerships with many of the key providers in this space.  Historically, there have been some large, commonly known providers and the field is crowded with many other options.  When your intended solution is specifically integrated Workforce Management and Analytics one partner rises above the others in many circumstances.  I am excited to call out this partner, Calabrio as our primary partner for a variety of reasons. 

Calabrio ONE solutions truly offer the best packaged offerings when considering the product features, total cost of ownership, integrated unified suite that is also easy to administer and use, coupled with extraordinary support and service.  We have partnered with Calabrio for the past several years and the satisfaction has continued to grow.  From complete support through the sales process, clean implementation and full support services we couldn’t be more pleased with this relationship from the perspective of quality partnership but more importantly from the satisfaction of our customers.  Calabrio always delivers and represents Arrow and our customers as a true vested participant.

In support of my comments, I want to share some documented customer satisfaction statements that have been published based on authentic surveys from third party research conducted by TechValidate on existing Calabrio ONE customers’ case study results. 

In the words of the customers:

“Since implementing Calabrio ONE we have been able to prove we were understaffed and obtained approval to grow our workforce to better serve our members.”
                                                                                                         MEDIUM ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES

“I could list a lot of benefits we’ve realized with Calabrio, but the most important one is the transparency it gives our staff for understanding their performance as well as the overall impact it brings to the team, business and company mission.”
                                                                                                         LARGE ENTERPRISE HEALTH CARE

“Calabrio has given us insights into both employee-level productivity performance as well as overall customer service trends and challenges.  We try hard to forget what our operations center looked like before Calabrio was introduced.”
                                                                                                         SMALL BUSINESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES

“Calabrio ONE has increased productivity in the call center and has kept our staff extremely happy with knowing their schedules and exceptions ahead of time.”
                                                                                                         MEDIUM ENTERPRISE HEALTH CARE

Finally, one of my favorites that has been a common theme:

“Calabrio just works.”

                                                                                                         LARGE ENTERPRISE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

If you are looking to do more with your Contact Center Workforce Management and Analytics you owe it to yourself to explore Calabrio ONE.  You need to “C” what you have been missing and that “C” stands for Calabrio. 

So, consider:

  • If you are seeking an accurate scheduling and forecasting tool to properly staff phone calls, email, chat and other contact types.
  • If you need to analyze past contacts and trends.
  • If you seek to maintain high customer service levels with proper agent schedules.
  • If you really wish to understand the voice of the customer to make efficient data driven business decisions.
  • If you want to enhance your customer engagement to retain existing customers.
  • If you are looking to provide proper upsell opportunities.
  • If you need to determine reasons for repeat callers.
  • If you anticipate the proper optimal scheduling of limited agent resources across all skills.

Then you need to talk with me about the solutions available and the undeniable value of Calabrio ONE.  I am here to provide this trusted leadership and solution guidance to benefit your business operations.  Let me know how I can help you.

About the Author

Charlie Trautwein

Charlie supports Arrow SI customers in their communication needs with much of his experience concentrated on advanced applications and contact center technologies. Working as an Arrow Systems Integrations Solution Architect has kept Charlie actively involved with customer technology decisions for large enterprise opportunities and critical solution decisions for many smaller customers. His decision-making abilities and strong technical understanding has made him a valuable contributor for hundreds of solution decisions. Charlie’s customer focus is a product of his diverse and active background including years as an end user of technology categories as he helps fit to our customers today. Whether presenting latest technology or offering simplified explanations of complex integrations, Charlie is a trusted adviser and proven asset to every customer interaction. Charlie works tirelessly to study, research and understand the communication solutions that may best assist our customers.

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