Unleashing the Power of IoT

June 9, 2017 Andrew Prokop

It’s amazing how quickly a new technology becomes part of our daily lives. This has certainly been the case with the Internet of Things (IoT).  Ten years ago, who would have dreamed of connecting garage doors, lightbulbs, and clothes dryers to the Internet? Of course, that’s exactly what we are doing today. Ordinary devices are getting IP addresses and “talking” to us via text messages, emails, and apps on our smart phones.

The IoT revolution isn’t only taking place in the consumer space.  Enterprises are jumping into the fray and looking for ways to add intelligence to nearly every aspect of their businesses.  They see how IoT can lead to increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, cost savings, and higher productivity.  Businesses have stopped looking at devices as discrete entities. Instead they are viewed as members of a vast eco-system of intelligent tools.

However, as hundreds, thousands, and even millions of devices come on-line, the amount of data they are generating is staggering. Knowing that your single clothes dryer has completed its cycle is one thing, but how does a manufacturing plant deal with 300,000 temperature sensors all sending an update every second? How do you find the one actionable item in all that noise?

Clearly, IoT can be as complicated as it is powerful. It’s not enough to enable machines with the technology to connect to the outside world. You need to manage and store their output while creating workflows that do something with it.

Arrow Systems Integration to the Rescue

This is where Arrow Connect and Breeze come in.  Arrow Connect is an enterprise scalable platform that connects sensors to gateways, gateways to the cloud, and the cloud to Breeze workflows. This allows enterprises to engineer the IoT solutions they want with the assurance that important telemetry events won’t get lost in a tidal wave of data. Arrow Connect tames the data while Breeze applications turn that data into emails, telephone calls, text messages, database dips, and whatever actionable event that an enterprise desires.

To help your enterprise get started with IoT with a minimal investment of money and equipment, ASI has created a quick-start developer kit. This kit comes with a virtual Breeze lab, access to the Arrow Connect platform, a multi-function IoT sensor for prototyping, and four hours of time with Arrow’s IoT experts.  In as little as a few hours, you can see the power of IoT right before your very eyes.

Here is where you can go for more information about this exciting offer. Trust me, it will change your world.

Read this brochure for more details on how  Arrow SI can help start your journey to connected IoT.






Ready for IoT? Get started with this IoT Developer Kit.





About the Author

Andrew  Prokop

Director of Vertical Industries

Andrew Prokop has been heavily involved with SIP and VoIP technologies since the late 1990’s. He holds four United States patents in SIP and was on the team that developed Nortel’s carrier-grade SIP soft switch and SIP-based contact center. His software runs in products from Avaya and Genband. Andrew joined Arrow SI three years ago and through customer engagements, users groups, tradeshows, and webinars has been an evangelist for SIP as a transformational technology for enterprises and their customers. Andrew understands the needs of the enterprise and has the background and skills necessary to assist companies as they drive towards a world of dynamic and immersive communications.

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