Biometric Facial Recognition in Today’s Enterprise

February 22, 2018 Barby Biggs

It’s hard to go anywhere in public today without being under the watchful eye of a camera strategically placed somewhere.  The cameras might be in plain sight like a standard security camera or it could be embedded in another piece of equipment you don’t notice like an ATM or a traffic camera.  The overall point is that they are everywhere.  It’s becoming our “norm” to except that we no longer have the privacy that the generation before us did and it’s now in our hands to decide how best to utilize the data they collect. 

Those cameras whether they are placed by a business, a municipality or an airport can play a huge roll in our safety, our access to locations and even our customer experience in day to day purchases or excursions.  The truth is we have entered the realm of Biometric Facial Recognition that is not being used by just law enforcement but becoming an Enterprise technology.  Facial recognition can be utilized to identify your VIP customers, a second layer of access control or to detect unwanted individuals trying to enter your facility.  Arrow Systems Integration is partnering with NEC to deliver their best in class NEC NeoFace Watch to the Enterprise Customer. 

What is Facial Recognition?

What is facial recognition and how does it work you ask?  We, as humans, have been processing this information over hundreds of thousands of years.  When you see a person, you look at their face and run through your internal memory bank to see if you recognize them.  If you do your brain provides you back with a name and maybe some context of how you know the person.  NEC NeoFace Watch works in the same fashion.  A CCTV camera or a security system captures the face.  NEC NeoFace Watch monitors those camera feeds and each detected face is then turned into a mathematical representation of the image called a template.  The template is then compared against all other templates within the database to determine if this is a known individual. 

What Can the Enterprise Do with Facial Recognition?

What is done with that match is where the endless possibilities begin.  The database that is used for matching is defined by you the customer.  The database could be a VIP list of customers that warrant special attention or that you want to offer special amenities.  The database could be unwanted individuals that have been barred from your establishment and you want to block their return.  The database could be your current healthcare patients that could now check in without being asked for ID each visit or could simply check in at a kiosk.  The database could be of children whose parents have checked them in at Customer Service at the amusement park so if they become separated during the day they can be easily located.  That database is created by YOU and that’s where the sky is the limit.

Once you’ve defined your database and there is a match what happens to it?  Those notifications are also defined by you.  Would you like the notification to be screen popped in the security office where the CCTV is being monitored, maybe an email sent to a group of staff or maybe the General Manager or Concierge receives a mobile alert to let them know that Mr. Big has just gotten out at the valet stand and is headed into the lobby?   Maybe it’s all three you decide. 

Why NEC NeoFace Watch?

NEC NeoFace Watch has been tested in the US NIST labs and found to have an error rate of half of its nearest competitor

NEC NeoFace Watch handles 3.02M searches per second.

NEC NeoFace Watch is highly flexible and customizable to fit your needs.

NEC NeoFace Watch is scalable and can be deployed across multiple sites and servers.  It is designed to handle millions of faces and thousands of cameras.

To learn more about how NEC NeoFace Watch can enhance your business, contact me at or 952-456-3444. 

About the Author

Barby Biggs

Barby is focused in the emerging technologies markets and the adoption of those applications into the Fortune 500. She is currently working as the lead on the Business Development strategy for biometric recognition with a focus on NEC’s NeoFace Watch Technology. In addition to biometrics, Barby also has responsibilities within ASI related to Arrow Insight Communications-as-a-Service and Device-as-a-Service. Barby’s current role as a Solution Architect allows her to utilize her 20+ years of industry experience to help move customers into the newest technologies and platforms. She has worked extensively with companies in many sectors including finance, healthcare, mass media, transportation and state and local government. Barby has in depth experience with Pre-Sales Engineering on multiple platforms as well as project management, system design and direct customer sales. She holds numerous manufacturer certifications and is a Level 4 Avaya Certified Advanced Solutions Architect.

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