Empower Productivity with Agile Management of Your Communication Ecosystem

May 16, 2017

The success of most organizations is directly related to their ability to respond to the needs of their customers in a professional and timely manner. The communication ecosystem is the lifeline of every business.  A well oiled communication ecosystem is a key ingredient in increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs, enhancing customer satisfaction and exceeding financial objectives.   

Failure to diagnose bottlenecks, system failures, hacks and improperly configured networks can result in irreparable damage to a business.  Communication managers need to be equipped with solutions that can watchdog their often complex array of mission-critical communication systems.  They generally rely on real time and historical analytics tools that help identify trouble spots before problems magnify.  

Traditional call accounting and call center reports coupled with real time dashboards have been basic staples for diagnosing network performance. The ability to monitor, measure and manage communication facilities helps prevent breakdowns before it is too late. The advent of the agile workforce and the adoption of a vast array of communication endpoints has created a need for more dynamic solutions that can be consumed anywhere, anytime.

Agile management of the enterprise communication ecosystem is now possible through cloud based solutions that deliver performance metrics to mobile devices. Managers no longer need to be tied to their desks to act, react and enact solutions based on remotely accessible quantitative information. Mobile applications can retrieve insights from traditional analytics applications, cloud services, IoT devices, social media, messaging applications, service centers and web portals. Triggers tailored to the needs of the organization may instantly push notifications for alerts, failures, hacks, misuse and emergency calls.   It is imperative that every organization implements a management solution that ensures the health of their communication ecosystem.

This special Insight post is brought to you in conjunction with our partner and Contact Center expert, Rito Salomone from Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI).

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