Have You Heard About our Microsoft Center of Excellence?

October 21, 2016 Tracy Wetherington

My guess is, probably not—which, honestly, is a shame. I know I have a little bit of a bias because I happen to work in Arrow SI’s Microsoft consulting practice, but that really doesn’t change a thing. Working and talking with prospective clients and existing customers every day, I see a pretty common problem—people are always looking for ways to better utilize the systems they have in place. That’s why I thought I’d take a minute to let you know about some of the services we have available when something comes up for you down the road.

The Background of Arrow SI's Microsoft Center of Excellence

Our Skype for Business and Cloud PBX services are a little bit more well known, but we actually also have some amazing services for Active Directory, Exchange, System Center, EMS and pretty much any other Microsoft product you can think of. All of these services have been added to our catalogue of Microsoft offerings for one simple reason, our customers wanted them. It’s no coincidence that we call it our Center of Excellence—it truly is the place where you get excellent assistance and service on every level. 

This is where our “systems integration” namesake comes in. We’re systems integrators in every sense of the word. Your products should and can work together WITH you, not against you like it can sometimes feel. A lot of the pain you feel often shows itself if and when you’re considering an upgrade, migration or new installation of a Microsoft product or service. Rather than suffering through that experience, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, Arrow SI can step in and play the role of true systems integrator you need to make seamless, effective changes to help your technology work at its highest capability. 

Make a Plan, And Stick to it

What I think is one of the best parts of our Microsoft Center of Excellence offerings is how helpful and painless the experience can be when working with Arrow SI. We’re real people, just like you, with the ultimate goal of having awesome technology that works great and makes our jobs easier. We get it, which is why we work with you every step of the way to get the outcome you’re looking for. This is our process: our expert solution architects works with you to review your current infrastructure and provides you with a complete road map to meet your objectives. Building off those deployment services, we offer plan and design sessions to help get your project on track—and stay on track. These sessions will provide you with a clear step-by-step roadmap for your deployment, whether it be O365 or System Center. 

Whether you’re doing an upgrade or a migration from on-premise or to the cloud, a lot of people using Microsoft products run into an underlying requirement that your existing infrastructure is up-to-date and running smoothly. We’ll come in to help with that part of the migration too—we’ll ensure your transition to the next version of Active Directory, Exchange, System Center, or migration to the cloud goes according to plan and work FOR you, not against you. This is what we do day in and day out. We know how to make it successful for you. That’s why I thought it was important to keep you in the loop of what we have going on here on the Microsoft team at Arrow SI. 

A Little Bit Curious Yet?

Again, maybe a little biased here, but explore our Microsoft Center of Excellence a little bit more and you’ll see that it’s a warranted bias! If you have any questions or want to connect about what’s going on the Microsoft Center of Excellence and our team’s services, feel free to reach out (twetherington@arrowsi.com). Systems integration is key to your technologies’ future success and ability to support your team. Start thinking about what you’re doing now and how you’re going to keep moving forward!

About the Author

Tracy  Wetherington

Director, Microsoft Solutions

Tracy has over two decades experience as both a Microsoft engineer and consultant. With experience and knowledge in all facets of the Microsoft capabilities, his role at Arrow Systems Integration has focused him mainly on Windows Server Infrasctructure, Exchange, Active Directory, Office 365, EMS, migrations, upgrades and planning and designing. He is part pf Arrow SI's Microsoft Center of Excellence that includes Microsoft, Avaya, Nortel and Cisco certified engineers.

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