February 22, 2018 Randy Soapes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to surf a big wave - it’s a great feeling… Avaya's new customer experience software Oceana gives you and your customers that same sensation.  Avaya Oceana will enable you to out paddle all your competitors for the big wave in contact center - Omni Channel. 


Does your existing contact center suffer from complexity?  Do you have way too many skills, too many call flows, with too many agents … Oceana streamlines your customer experience by simply putting them all in 1 pool to swim  - one pool that results in an elegant and easy customer journey that allows everyone to relax and enjoy the ride. 


  • Customers reach out to you in their channel of choice – and if a customer suddenly decides they want to change channels midstream?   No problem for Oceana, since history from any channel is always a click of the mouse away.
  • Fueling the experience is a routing engine that enables the creation of unlimited attributes that funnel to a single stream of agent and expert resources.  Oceana routing matches customer interactions with business rules using priorities, segments, and behaviors to ensure customers are seamlessly pairing to the right resource.
  • Real-time visualization of both prior customer contact history and the current journey is gathered in 1 place for every resource that touches your customer. 
  • Analytics assembles large volumes of customer data from any and all disparate sources of information, so you can easily and quickly find relevant data to leverage.
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence can be effortlessly added at the time of your choosing.  Newer technologies such as ChatBot and Machine to Machine knowledge are easily integrated to Oceana and utilized at your path your pace.


…and speaking about your path your pace, what if you just want to dip your toe in the water and not jump right in?  Well, Avaya has an answer for that too since Oceana is built on their best in class development tool Breeze.  Breeze is a cost-effective way for you to try just a small piece of Oceana’s contact center suite.  We can help you identify and clarify your own specific use case –  then team with you to build a solution with Breeze that solves your particular challenge while keeping your existing contact center as is.


More to come on this hot topic.  In future sessions we will drill down on use cases, Analytics, Attribute Routing, and the agent interface.  We have all waited a long time for Avaya to offer something that would put them back in the leader's quadrant - the tsunami has finally arrived and it’s called Oceana.


About the Author

Randy is responsible for the Business Development strategy for Avaya's Oceana/Breeze platforms and is focused on evangelizing both of these advanced solutions. He has forged strong relationships with experts internal and external to Avaya with the goal of providing the most expansive knowledgebase possible for enterprises looking to optimize their customer experience. Randy has over 20 Years telecommunication experience that started with AT&T, then transitioned to Lucent, Avaya, and Cross/ArrowSI. Including 8 years sales experience with AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya. Furthermore, he has over 14 years Contact Center consulting experience with Lucent, Expanets, Avaya, and ArrowSI. Areas of expertise include: Contact Center Routing, Analytics, CTI, Proactive Outbound, Workforce Optimization, Automation, and Omni-channel. Randy has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Minor in Computer Science with certifications in Web Services including XML, XSL, HTML, and CSS.

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