RMM: Remote Monitoring and Management – Or better put “You can’t manage what you don’t monitor!”

February 21, 2018 Rob Yousey

Many business people have heard and frequently quote the age-old principle coined by Peter Drucker that states that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”.  Obviously, the implication here is that you can’t know if you are successful unless you measure and track whatever it is you’re are doing so that you can compare your results and make modifications to improve.

Well in the IT world the argument could be made that that phrase can be further refined and applied to the principle that states that: You can’t manage what you don’t monitor!  Expanding on the principle clearly the implication is if you don’t have good monitoring capabilities that cover your entire IT infrastructure from applications and servers, through your networks and including your end user devices it is very difficult to manage them.   Further if you can’t monitor those components of your environment how can you possibly measure performance against the service levels you have committed to your customers.  Finally, if you are not monitoring and measuring that environment effectively how can you make incremental improvements that will provide business value to your customers and subsequently effect the success of your organization / business.

Remote monitoring and management applications have been around almost as long as computers and networks.  Frequently the applications were provided by the manufacturer of the system as a tool to be used specifically with their application / equipment.  As service providers and large corporations began managing bigger and more complex environments and as ITIL standards were solidified to include monitoring and management the tool sets became much more vendor agnostic. 

These applications today depend upon an architecture that requires implementation of a probe or agent application in a customer’s network that interfaces to the IT equipment and applications to collect a wealth of rich information not only on the configuration of the hardware and software but also on the status or health of the equipment in the environment.  This information is then fed to a management application that correlates the information and provides a wealth of real time (alarm information), historical (statistical) as well as configuration data through a portal to the IT organization. 

As stated before the vendor agnostic or all-encompassing tools were traditionally built for and provided to either managed service providers or very large IT organizations.  This left the tools provided specifically by and for a single manufacturer as the tools utilized by small and medium IT groups which frequently have multiple RMM applications that they utilize to gain visibility into their IT infrastructure and applications.  Obviously this multiple or vendor specific RMM application approach makes it very difficult to holistically monitor and manage the environment and forces these organizations to operate predominantly in a reactionary mode.

However, with the advent of current IT trends specifically Software as a Service and Cloud (private/public) based applications has opened up and reduced costs on RMM applications to make them available to small and medium corporations.  By eliminating multiple point solutions and allowing these groups to utilize a single “pane of glass” approach to monitoring and management the promise becomes that the efficiencies realized will allow them to be proactive in their approach to running their operations.

So, the question you are asking right now is “So what?” as you may already be deeply entrenched in RMM today and probably working in one of the organizations that dreams of the “single-pane-of-glass” tools.  The good news is Arrow Systems Integration’s Arrow Insight | RMM offering is the answer to your prayers!

Arrow Insight | RMM provides a SaaS/ITIL based approach to monitoring a multivendor IT infrastructure, providing a single-pane-of-glass interface for the complete solution stack from application and servers through desktop and mobile environments. Optionally Arrow SI offers a turn key implementation to its own Arrow Insight – ITSM solution powered by ServiceNow to provide comprehensive incident correlation and tracking in a SaaS offering.

Arrow SI is excited to provide customers with solutions on their ever present quest to “managed what they monitor” in their IT environment!

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Rob Yousey

With a variety of experiences from programming to systems analysis and from telephony applications to wide area network implementations, my thirty two years in information systems provide me with a uniquely diverse background. Clearly a diverse applications background has enabled me to be a consultant in current capacities to several Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of convergence for applications as well as collaboration and social media integration. Professionally I look to continue to grow my knowledge base in emerging collaboration technologies and use that knowledge to assist organizations in formulating their tactical and strategic plans around those technologies. Specialties: Unified Communications, Contact/context (call) Center technologies, IP Telephony, collaboration, convergence, presence, SIP, network topology, mobility applications, wireless LAN, WAN, MAN, Carrier Networks, ITSM, MDM, Data Center, business applications (manufacturing, financial, ERP, Healthcare)

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