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May 29, 2015 Andrew Prokop

Source: No Jitter

Life comes with a few simple rules: Be kind to others. Live purposefully. Learn from your mistakes. Don't buy a unified communications solution from a company that doesn't deliver unified communications to its own employees.

OK, you won't find that last rule in any self-help book, but for those of us who understand the power of presence, it's extremely important. After all, you wouldn't take financial advice from someone deep in debt and you wouldn't hire a personal trainer that was sorely out of shape -- at least I certainly wouldn't. So, doesn't it also hold true that you shouldn't trust your enterprise's communications future to a company that doesn't use the products it sells?

A couple weeks ago, No Jitter managing editor Beth Schultz challenged everyone to open up the kimono in her post, Enterprise Communications Managers: We Want You. Not being one to pass up a challenge, I wanted to share the communications world in which I live.

At Arrow Systems Integration (formerly Arrow S3) we eat our own dog food, so to speak. While we don't manufacture products, we do promote them. And so, by dog food, I mean the multimedia PC clients, mobile UC clients, enterprise conferencing, desktop video, room video, document sharing, and integrated UC applications we package up in our solutions. Best of all, we don't lock our users into specific hardware platforms, software, or even vendors. We give our employees choices that allow them to pick and choose what works best for their particular communications needs.

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About the Author

Andrew  Prokop

Director of Vertical Industries

Andrew Prokop has been heavily involved with SIP and VoIP technologies since the late 1990’s. He holds four United States patents in SIP and was on the team that developed Nortel’s carrier-grade SIP soft switch and SIP-based contact center. His software runs in products from Avaya and Genband. Andrew joined Arrow SI three years ago and through customer engagements, users groups, tradeshows, and webinars has been an evangelist for SIP as a transformational technology for enterprises and their customers. Andrew understands the needs of the enterprise and has the background and skills necessary to assist companies as they drive towards a world of dynamic and immersive communications.

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