Four Reasons People are Migrating to the Cloud

October 27, 2016 Jonathan Sides

Customers seeking to streamline their existing business processes and provide more agility responding to internal demand have fully embraced migrating existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud.  With our Microsoft Center of Excellence (COE) at Arrow SI, we’ve been providing Microsoft Cloud-based solutions for half a decade. But what does that even mean? Let’s take a look at the basic tenets and reasoning behind making a cloud migration.

1. Save Money
Enabling cloud services and computing will save your business money in many ways. For one, you’ll need to hire and train fewer people, due to how work is streamlined (automatic updates require less maintenance time, for example). Scalability provides additional cost savings. You’ll be able to grow without having to purchase new software licenses. The most obvious savings will be the decrease in your spending on technology and hardware resulting from a cloud-based structure with pay-as-you go and monthly payment options.

2. Save Time
When you enable cloud storage and computing, your company will experience increased time savings. There are many reasons for this, but the most prominent one is that your processes will be streamlined. Increased productivity means fewer people working fewer hours to accomplish more. Additionally, cloud-based services often provide disaster-recovery options which will save valuable time during stressful situations.

3. Gain Flexibility and Agility
Your company and business will see improvement in its ability to grow and change with a competitive market. The flexibility obtained through cloud enablement is priceless. For example, you can hire a globalized workforce as the only requirement for cloud access is an internet connection. Increased collaboration streamlines creation and production of projects through the ability to view real-time updates. With no files being sent back and forth, you’ll never lose a file or miss an update again.

4. Increase Security
There are countless other benefits to cloud enablement, as well. Security is improved as data and important information are not stored in tangible, damageable hardware that can be corrupted or stolen. Automatic security updates give you peace of mind regarding on-going security as you work to grow your business. Additionally, you receive enterprise-level security expertise due to the ability of the provider to share costs across multiple customers.


Cloud migration can seem complicated, but it really can be the answer to so many of your problems. If any of the above four reasons are speaking to you, it might be a good time to start thinking about making that migration to the Cloud. I am here (or anyone at Arrow SI!)  to help you with the process of Cloud exploration. I think that the more research you do, they more you’ll see why people are making that transition.

If you’re curious about Cloud PBX, are seeing a Cloud migration in your future, or wondering about Arrow SI’s approach to Cloud migration, we’re going to be hosting a Cloud PBX webinar, "Deploying Cloud PBX Using the Skype Operations Framework" on November 10th at 10am CDT with my fellow Microsoft Director, Patrick Payette. Keep exploring your Cloud possibilities and join us for a live Cloud discussion webinar! Four reasons for Cloud migration are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to get your head in the Cloud.

About the Author

Jonathan  Sides

Director, Microsoft Solutions

Jonathan has decades of experience in the Unified Communications and Collaboration industry as a consultant, supplier and customer/end-user at Arrow, AT&T, Dialogic, Intel, and Microsoft. In his role at Arrow, he is responsible for Microsoft focused customer engagements that include design, architecting and delivery of multi-vendor UC&C solutions. He is part of Arrow SI's Microsoft Center of Excellence that includes Microsoft, Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco certified engineers.

An accomplished speaker, he has participated in many industry events focusing on UC&C and Contact Center solutions including panel discussions, technology speaking slots and direct customer/partner engagements.

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